Heres To A Positive September!

40643621_906877396165639_6431177475186753536_nHello September, you arrived fast! Does anyone else feel like 2018 has flew by so far? Anyways, I would like to welcome September with a warm and open heart! August was very rough for me mentally. My anxiety and depression had been out of control and after a week now, I am starting to feel like myself again! I had way too many bad days over good days in August, so I can’t say I am not happy it’s over. The only highlights for me was my daughter Aubree turning 6 and my husband Kyle and I’s 7 year anniversary the following day! So many days I didn’t want to do anything but sleep all day and how can you do that when you have two young children depending on you all day long? I got really behind on collabs, I wasn’t taking care of myself, and I can’t tell you how many times I cried. My whole body was being affected physically by it as well. Yesterday and today are the first days in about 2 months that I haven’t had to take motrin for aches and pains! I finally got some good sleep last night and I just feel so refreshed. It is relieving because there for awhile I wasn’t sure how I would get through this rut. I just want my readers to know that if you have the same struggles, you are not alone. So many of us can relate to you and I am always an open ear. Self love is important, talking to someone when you feel like you are drowning in life is important, and crying if you need to are all important. Know that there are always better days to come, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Never give up permanently, just breathe, and keep on going forward! So below I have compiled a list of ways I plan on making September a better month for me, working on my mental health, my physical health, and loving myself!


1. Well first, I would love to set a goal to lose 10 pounds this month and go to the gym atleast 2x a week. Here’s to holding myself accountable on that!

2. Take 5 minutes to myself in peace to meditate each day, preferably in the morning with my cup of coffee. I have some great books for it to help!

3. When I start feeling anxious, remembering to just breathe, and know that everything is going to work out and be fine!

4. Another goal is to stop letting myself go when I am feeling down. I know taking care of myself, dressing cute, doing my hair, and a nice cake face is always a quick boost in my confidence!

5. My last goal for this month is to start planning out blog posts and IG collab posts atleast a week in advance! I want to start spending one day roughly to get a weeks worth of work done in advance.


What are your goals for the month of September? Share in a comment!

6 thoughts on “Heres To A Positive September!

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  1. As someone who also suffers with sever anxiety, these are great tips! I find that if I set goals for myself, it actually helps relieve my anxiety because I get such a thrill out of reaching them. Great read 😁


  2. I am also looking forward to starting fresh for the fall. My goal for September is to schedule a couple of nights a week to work on my blog. I find that I’m working on it all the time and not making as much progress. I also want to declutter a little bit. Thanks for sharing.


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