Aubree Is Off To Kindergarten!

The time has come, my oldest has officially joined the Kindergarten world as of September 4th! These years leading up to this have really flew by, just like everyone says. While part of me gets teary eyed over it, the other part of me is so excited for her and her new journey. I love watching my girls grow, learn, and shape in to their future selves. There’s no way to describe the feeling of knowing you helped create these beautiful souls. Aubree has such a sweet, gentle, and caring soul. I hope she never loses these qualities. Last year she attended Young 5s as full days as well, so Kindergarten isn’t too big of an adjustment for her. Her classroom looks great, her teacher set up such an awesome big reading space for the kids. She’s already made some new friends and has some of her friends from Young 5s in her class too! We have a busy fall starting besides Kindergarten, she starts Soccer this weekend, every Saturday through October, and the 12th she starts dance again. Here’s to an amazing school year coming up for my girl!

13 thoughts on “Aubree Is Off To Kindergarten!

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  1. It must be a great feeling for you to see your little one taking that first big step on the path of her career. I wish Aubree all the best and I hope she excels in all the fields of life! She looks adorable!


  2. Hope she had a wonderful day. it’s always mixed emotions when your kids start school as you realise how quickly they are growing up.


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