Welcome Fall, Minus The Sickness.

So I know it’s been awhile since I wrote a post, I am back! We have been super busy with Aubree back to school and she’s in Soccer now too! So far her team has won all their games and she’s doing great. She has made a few new friends at school and still has one of her bestfriends in her new Kindergarten class so she is happy. On to little miss Kendyl, she caught her first cold and with that came her horrible wheezing and asthma like symptoms. Last year was a nightmare with this and I am sad we are back at it. She got croup on Halloween last year and after that it was back to back allergies and upper respiratory infections up until March of this year. As if my anxiety wasn’t terrible enough, this made it 1000x worse and I feel it getting bad again. I am glad I know how to handle it better this year but it is already effecting me a lot. Right now she is on steroids once a day and breathing treatments every 4 hours. Today was day 3 and I am hoping an end is coming soon even if it’s temporary and short lived. In happier news, Kendyl will also be 2 soon (Oct 19th) and I just ordered supplies for her Curious George themed party! Can my girls stop growing? Looking back at Facebook memories from past years of them and then looking at them currently, really hits how fast they are growing! Good night everyone, I promise I will be blogging atleast once a week from here on out!

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